Tool by Q (2021 – present)

Crochet is a tool for creating and remixing interactive stories, safely.

Crochet goes to great lengths to make creating, running and remixing content as safe and privacy respecting as possible. Content built with Crochet can only use your computer and your data in ways you explicitly consent to—it can’t change your files or send your information over the internet without your knowledge and consent.

One of the core principles of Crochet is that you should feel safe to experiment with your computer as much as you want, without having to worry about questions like: “If I install this application, will it try to steal my files?” or “What if I try this and it breaks my computer?”

Crochet is a “language-driven” system, through the lenses that we interact with computational concepts through languages; Even “direct manipulation” forms a language, where the ways in which we can manipulate things is dictated by a set of composable rules. A system like this, heavily dependent on tooling, needs ways in which users can extend the system to fit their own context. This means that Crochet has to support user-extensible IDEs, user-extensible Debuggers, user-extensible REPLs, etc. And these users should be able to modify any aspect of these tools to fit new languages (interactions, manipulations, rules, etc).

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