Glamorous Toolkit

Tool by feenk (2017 – present)

A development environment built on top of Pharo, a modern successor of Smalltalk.

Glamorous Toolkit is the moldable development environment. It is a live notebook. It is a flexible search interface. It is a fancy code editor. It is a software analysis platform. It is a data visualization engine. All in one. And it is free and open-source under an MIT license.

We want the environment to fit the context of the current system and when it does not, we want to be able to mold it live. This seemingly small change is transformational and can be utilized in many ways.

Whatever is shown on the screen is rendered in one single rendering tree. No canvas in between. That means that all layouts are regular layouts, including the graph layouts and text-editor layouts. That means that text is made of regular elements. And that means that all elements can be combinable without imposing a technical limit.


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