GNU Emacs

Tool by Richard Stallman, contributors (1976 – present)

Extensible means that you can go beyond simple customization and create entirely new commands. New commands are simply programs written in the Lisp language, which are run by Emacs’s own Lisp interpreter. Existing commands can even be redefined in the middle of an editing session, without having to restart Emacs. Most of the editing commands in Emacs are written in Lisp; the few exceptions could have been written in Lisp but use C instead for efficiency. — GNU Emacs manual, Introduction

Org can be used as a TODO lists manager and as a planner. Org is a great plain-text table editor. Org is an authoring and publication tool. Org makes literate programming a handy and natural way to deal with code. — Org mode feature list

This appendix covers some areas where users can extend the functionality of Org. — Org mode manual, Appendix A Hacking


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