Pad++: a zooming graphical interface for exploring alternate interface physics

Paper by Benjamin B. Bederson, James D. Hollan (1994)

A zoomable graphical sketchpad. Documentation and more information can be found here.

… Pad++, an infinite resolution sketchpad that we are exploring as an alternative to traditional window and icon-based approaches to interface design.

There are numerous benefits to metaphor-based approaches, but they also lead designers to employ computation primarily to mimic mechanisms of older media. While there are important cognitive, cultural, and engineering reasons to exploit earlier successful representations, this approach has the potential of underutilizing the mechanisms of new media.

We envision a much richer world of dynamic persistent informational entities that operate according to multiple physics specifically designed to provide cognitively facile access. The physics need to be designed to exploit semantic relationships explicit and implicit in information-intensive tasks and in our interaction with these new kinds of computationally-based work materials.


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