Idea by Jan Niklas Bingemann (2023)

Pinocchioverse is a fictional, educational programming language based on the idea of coding with marbles. It is defined by a fictional universe, in which, due to the natural laws of the universe, programs can be “built” with marble runs.


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I’m in love with these projects that merge esolangs, worldbuilding and programming. There are very few of those around, and I’ve recently stumbled on this one, which I absolutely love. I hope you enjoy it too.

It’s extremely annoying to get promtpted by all these locking warnings when trying to post a thread “You cannot post two links in a post”(wtf?) So, I had to scrap a bunch of stuff I had written in the original post. Anyways… here’s a video:

Here’s an entry on the project on esolang.

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Pinocchioverse is amazing. I can’t believe I haven’t encountered it before.

Paper on the Marblepunk language: