I’ve been reading Grok Tiddlywiki based on @khinsen’s recommendation. Tiddlywiki’s achilles heel is the complexity of saving data. I don’t know why it says browser File/Save doesn’t work. I just tried it on Firefox and it seems to work just fine. With some minor issues:

  • ctrl-s saves to a new filename
  • Alt-f a can save to same file but it’s a lot more typing/clicking
  • Firefox’s open/save dialogs have gotten extremely flaky over the past year. In general, much of my apocalyptic feeling about the web stems from using Firefox over Linux [1, 2].

I suppose the “doesn’t work” warning refers to the fact that what happens is browser-dependent and changes over time. It should really read “play with it if you want, but don’t bother us with questions”.

This is an issue for all in-browser editors, and one big reason why I prefer to avoid them. It seems you can’t have in-browser tools with local-first data, unless you run a server on every device and let the user deal with the resulting interfacing issues (port number conflicts etc.).

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Yes, TW has a lot of varieties of ways to save data and no predefined default. In our workshops we start by making the apprentices to get and account in TiddlyHost, replace the default wiki with one of our custom wiki seeds (usually our mod of projectify with prepackaged learning projects and lessons for the participants). If they want to use TW offline, including saving, we advice them to use Timimi (and in fact is one of the optional lessons included in our wiki seed).

You may find the previous learning path useful to you, as it has been tested with dozens of TW novices before. Of course, suggestions are welcomed.

I’ve created https://akkartik.tiddlyhost.com/ and uploaded a copy of Projectify — Manage projects in TiddlyWiki.. It’s too bad I can’t use your mod due to the language barrier.