Two great personal computing posts

Hi folks, glad to see ya’ll here on the new forum!

There’ve been two really great articles on personal computing that have really struck me this week already, and I just want to share them:

Musings of Michael McThrow: Where Did Personal Computing Go Wrong: The Abandonment of User Empowerment, The Rise of “Big Platforms,” and Solutions (

What I Want From The Internet - Christopher Butler (

Both caused me to come back & review the Mission statement, the 7 principles here. I think the first link is a little closer/more obviously related to us here. But I also strongly think the only tenable future for software is an online future, that the Internet has to be the place where what happens next grows, & that ties back to What I Want.

With apologies to people who don’t like OrangeSite, there are some existing discussions on these two I’ll also link to here: HN discussion on Where Did Personal Computing Go Wrong and HN Discussion on What I want from the Internet

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